Just wanted to let you know how much I love our new site!  I've been checking out the hits on google, 1800 unique visitors since August 3rd!  Holy Cow!  AWESOME!
~ Lisa Marie Pinder, General Manager - Malaga Tapas & Bar

I love the interface and the interaction design of the site.  The look and feel is not only professional, but also appealing to the eyes. You and Mike are indeed very talented designers.
~ Shih-Ting Lee, Instructional Designer - Austin Community College

Thanks for getting back to me yesterday. First and foremost, you guys did a great job on the logos. I hope we didn’t ask for too many requests. Either way, thanks so much and great work. We were really impressed.
~ Michael Candelario, Director of Operations - Compass Health Care Group

I began using Mandolin Design last year to develop creative marketing products for my insurance company. The results were amazing! My rate of return immediately increased by 15% upon using the material they developed. As a result, I will and have continued to use Mandolin for my marketing efforts. They are thorough, professional and committed to producing excellent service and products, which I have experienced. So if you want something different and better than I strongly recommend Mandolin Design.
~ Dave Emmette, Emmette Insurance Agency

Awesome, we are on the same page. We love the website design ideas.
~ Michelle Sharp, Assistant Superintendent - Lakewood Public Schools

Amanda and I have worked on a few projects together and all of them have turned out supurb do to her knowledge and creativity! I have also been privilaged to see her work on a regular basis as many of my freinds use her services.
~ Dale Forton, Owner - BKD Aerospace International Inc.

Thanks again, for all you do for so many people.  Michigan has lost a couple of good ones!
~ Barbara Warren, Owner - Spirit Outfitters